Larry Zoeller is a native of Louisville, KY and has been blacksmithing for 11 years.  Larry has always been artistically involved, starting with woodworking and then perusing blacksmithing after a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. He started out blacksmithing as a hobby that has become a small business effort with aspirations of pursuing the blacksmithing as a full time venture upon retirement. Larry's blacksmithing education has been primarily self-taught with some assistance from working with several local blacksmiths and attending local and national conferences of the Artists Blacksmith Association of North America.  Larry's blacksmithing styles include Colonial reproductions, Traditional European styles and includes metal sculpture, but are not limited to any particular style. Currently Larry is in his second year as resident blacksmith at Farmington Historic Home.  He demonstrates as well as maintains a working blacksmith shop on the premises for the visitors, schools and various organizations that come to the historic home.  Larry works with individual designs and does commissioned work upon request.