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Firebrick Gas Forge 2.0

I came up with the idea of making a larger Firebrick Forge several years ago.  I had the initial layout and design in my head and I had actually laid it out a couple of times in my shop using the bricks to see what it looked like.  I have always been happy with the design, I just never made the time to see this project through until now.  The dimensions of the interior are 9" deep x 7" wide x 4.5" tall.  This gives the interior of the forge a volume of 283.5 cubic inches.  It was built using (10) 2600 degree Insulating Firebricks and (4) 3000 degree Super Duty hard Firebricks.  The nice thing about this design is you gain a lot more interior forge area and a larger front opening from my original Firebrick forge; which had an interior volume of 144 Cubic inches.  This forge is still small enough that it can run off of one 3/4" Venturi burner.  I put a layer of Fiberfrax 2300 degree 1/8" Fiber Kiln Shelf Paper between the bricks as a cushion and it might help prevent the bricks from cracking because of the extra room for them to move around.
The metal framework was made with what stock I had laying around at the time.  I am not sure if I am totally happy with the frame design but it works well for now.   The interior layer of hard bricks should help to protect the soft bricks and get a longer life out of  the soft bricks.

The picture above shows the finished forge with the frame that I made.  You can see the 1/8" ceramic paper in between the bricks in this picture also.

You could probably get by with just the simple frame in the picture above if you wanted to.   I wanted to be able to move it around so I built a full frame to hold it together.

This picture is of the forge running with a 3/4" IV Burner running at 12 PSI.

I cut an extra Soft Firebrick in half to help close up the front of the forge.  You only need a 4" x 4" opening in the front of the forge.  The soft firebricks will easily cut in half using an old wood saw.

The picture above is of the framework that I made for this forge.  If you are going to make the framework for your forge, try to use what stock you have on hand.  It will work out fine.   A  few pieces of flat bar, angle iron, and some black pipe and you will be in business.

Forge Parts List

(10) 2600 degree Insulating Firebricks
(5) 3000 degree 1" Super Duty Firebricks
( 2 Square Feet) 2300 Degree Fiberfrax Ceramic Paper
(1) Burner holder assembly
(1) 3/4" IV Burner
(1) Single Burner Connection Kit

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