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Atmospheric Gas Forge

This is the latest atmospheric gas forge that I recently built using the Ron Reil style burners.  The body of the forge is 8" schedule 40 pipe x 18" long.  Some of the new features of this forge are front and rear doors and push button ignition system. There is a 4" x 4" opening in the front door so most pieces can be put in the forge without opening the door

Side view of the forge

This is a picture of the forge with the front door opened, the doors are made from 8" schedule 40 pipe cut 1" long and a 14 gauge plate welded on the end and then lined with 1" 25# density Duraboard.

This is a close-up of the ignitor installed in the burner tube.  I welded a piece of 1/4" pipe on the side of the 3/4" burner tube and tapped it with a 1/8" n.p.t. tap.  I used a Ace Hardware Barbecue Grill Universal kit part no. 81307 for the ignitor assembly.

This picture shows the ignitor and the ignitor push button bracket

A side view showing the ignitor system



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