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Zoeller Forge was established in early 2000 after its founder, Larry Zoeller, discovered that his gas forge burners that he created were becoming increasingly popular.
Now, Zoeller Forge sells gas forge parts and refractory products to Blacksmiths and other metalworkers all over the world.   Zoeller Forge uses the Internet for 95% of its incoming orders, making Zoeller Forge a truly online company.

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 E-mail address: zman59@earthlink.net

Have more fun with your gas: Forge with it!


  Above is a picture of the touchmark that Larry now stamps on the pieces that he creates.   A touchmark is the mark that a blacksmith or other craftsman makes on his product to identify himself as its creator.

January 16, 2020:  I am happy to announce that the (Industrial Venturi) IV Burners are ready for sale. The complete burner assembly is $70.00 plus shipping and the IV Burner head is $55.00 plus shipping .  See the gas forge parts page above for more information.

August 03, 2018:  New item added to the Gas Forge Parts page.  INSWOOL®-HTZ BLANKET 8#. 2600°F  A Ceramic blanket that is use to line the inside of gas forges. Click on the link above for more information.

January 30, 2018: New item added to the Blacksmith supply page.  Tong clips.  See supplies page above for more information.

December 07, 2017:  Just in time for the Holidays Large Jingle Bell blanks are in stock.

September 2, 2017: Simple Air Hammer web page has been updated.

August 28, 2017: Tutorial on building a gas forge using a portable air tank has been added.  See the air tank forge link above.
October1, 2016:  Product back in stock: 
Z Weld
Welding Compound a premier gas forge welding flux.  See the gas forge parts page above for more information


  The picture above is of Larry Zoeller working on a leg for a trivet in a class that he took at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School.

Listed below are some links to pictures of the equipment that I have built for my shop and also some items that I have forged .


Burner Flares & Gas Forge parts
Modified Sidearm Burner & Mini-Side Arm Burner
Mini forge
Bottle Openers
Colonial Toaster
Veggie Chopper
Candle Snuffer
Courting Candle
Atmospheric Forge
 Bent Iron Rocking Chair
Simple Air Hammer
 Legal Information 
Square Body Atmospheric Gas Forge
Simple Gas Forge Plans
Calla Lilies
Curvy candle holder
 Farrier Rasp Tomahawks
Forging Hammers
Knives made from Antique Sheep Shears
Copper Bracelets


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