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This is a new atmospheric gas forge that I just built.  It is made from a piece of 10" square tubing that is 16" long.  It features two Modified sidearm burners for the heat source.  I put a 15 degree bend in the burner tubes using a hydraulic pipe bender, this is to help stop the heat of the forge from radiating up the burners.  Two holes were drilled in the top of the forge and two pieces of 1 1/2" schedule 80 pipe 3" long were welded in to hold the burners in place.  There are three holes that were drilled and tapped for 1/4-20 NC screws to hold the burners in the pieces of pipe.

Update:  We have found that the 15 degree bend in the burner tubes is not necessary, they actually run better with out it.  The heat coming up will not hurt the burners.

Here is a picture of the front of the forge, with a removable door which has a 4" x 4" opening.  The detachable door can be quickly removed by simply taking the hinge pin out.

Here is a picture of the rear of the forge also with a removable door.  The door is held on by the tabs on the sides.  It has two sets of tabs (I got the idea of the tabs from the Blacksmiths Journal, June 2003 issue, which I modified) one set so that the back door is completely closed, and the other set leaves a 2" opening along the bottom. (See Below)

Here you can see the back door open by using the second set of tabs, so you can pass your stock through with minimal heat lose.

Here is a picture of the inside of the forge, it's lined with 1"- 20 pound density Duraboard.  The Duraboard has been coated with a 9 mil. thick coating of Fiberfrax QF-180.  I have had a lot of people asked for a source for the 10" square tubing.  My sugestions is to go to a local sheet metal shop and have them fabricate you one out of 10 gauge stock.  The cost would not be that great to have this made.  I just used the 10" square tubing because I just happened to have a couple of pieces of it.


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